Community Causes


Did you know that, at this very moment, right here in our community, thousands of children are going hungry, entire families don’t have a roof above their heads, women are being battered in their own homes, and animals are suffering without care? And those are just a few of the issues that we truly have a heart for here in our agency. Not because we are philanthropists, but because we are NEIGHBORS.


We know we can offer some relief through our agency’s operations, and so here we are. We ask for referrals because for EACH quote, we offer to make a donation to someone in need. We are not afraid of rejection simply because lives depend on our courage. We will not be stopped by judgment because we understand the work that needs to be done cannot wait for one single giving season each year. Our mission is to make our community’s well-being part of our JOB – every day, year-round.


If we are so passionate about protecting YOU (and we are), we really couldn’t leave out the people who are around you, could we? After all, YOU ARE COMMUNITY!


That’s why we volunteered to become part of the national #AgentsofChange movement, which now empowers our agency’s own Community Cause Program to carry the flag of hope, relief and opportunity for local folks facing a tough time.



We believe we can have all of our campaigns SOLELY FUNDED BY OUR AGENCY… by simply REWARDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Of course, donations can be made directly to supported organizations, but we are happy to use our own agency’s money and do that on your behalf, instead!



We know our hearts are not the only ones to break when made aware of real people going through real suffering not too far from us. And we sure can do much to change things for them. We look forward to together, helping our community live well and thrive!

Making The Difference Meal By Meal

September 30, 2020

Nearly one in every seven residents of North Carolina struggles with hunger. It paints a very disturbing picture, knowing that so many people we come across each day may have a difficult time providing food for their families. It is a tough situation, and we’d like to help change it! The Five N Two Food […]

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Thanking Our Dedicated First Responders

June 28, 2020

Helping Hands of Sampson County has been helping first responders in need. For example, they provided financial assistance to a first responder who experienced a house fire. They also recently delivered 200 dinner plates and desserts to the heroes at Sampson Regional Medical Center. The current unprecedented times show us just how important first responders […]

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We Rise By Lifting Others

March 27, 2020

Benson Baptist has partnered up with BAMA Food Pantry and Clothes Closet in order to serve and give back to their devoted community. On the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 9:00 am, they all gather to cook nutritious meals to feed their communities in their food pantry program. In addition, they operate […]

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Let’s Help Save Hundreds of Animals’ Lives This Year!

December 26, 2019

Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS) is the only hope for many unwanted animals in our area. It saves hundreds of lives every year and, in fact, is the only non-kill shelter in Fayetteville. FAPS provides numerous services to these unloved and vulnerable pets until they may be adopted into a loving lifetime home: food, vaccines […]

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Bringing Cheer To The Children Of Our Soldiers

November 19, 2019

$580 Raised!

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Stephen Shane Fincher Memorial Foundation

September 18, 2019

We are happy to announce that we are going to be raising funds for the Stephen Shane Fincher Memorial Foundation through our new rewards program. The Stephen Shane Fincher Memorial Foundation has the mission is to inspire youth in Cumberland County Schools in the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering, to promote the development of values-based […]

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Sean Fincher Insurance Agency Joins Agents Of Change Movement

June 27, 2019

Sean Fincher Insurance Agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. We are committed to being Agents of Change. Every 90 days we will be identifying a child, family, or group that could use a hand. A great number of people are going through hardship, even as […]

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