Agency Story

The Sean S. Fincher Agency has been built on two very important principals. The first is “always put the clients’ needs first” and second is to “come up with solutions for each client”.
Here is our story…

Sean S. Fincher began his career in the insurance industry as an associate agent for Nationwide Insurance agent David Matthews in Fayetteville, NC in June 1993. His family was tied to the Fayetteville, NC Real Estate market. Sean realized construction, Real Estate and those companies that serve these industries were the markets he would concentrate his efforts. In 1994 and 1995 Sean produced more homeowners insurance than any Nationwide agent in the U.S. In March 1996 he was given the opportunity to become a primary agent with Nationwide Insurance Company. By 2003, the agency had grown to 3 locations in the greater Fayetteville NC area. Today, in 2019, the Sean S. Fincher Agency has grown to 6 locations, 24 employees and services clients in both North and South Carolina

In November 2004, Sean S. Fincher and his brother formed a custom single-family home building company in Raleigh, NC. Over the course of the next 4 years, he and his brother built homes ranging from $300,000 to $1,500,000 earning 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in the Raleigh Homebuilders Parade of Homes. After the sudden passing of his brother, Sean S. Fincher finished all construction projects and closed the company in early 2009. All of this being done while growing his insurance agency by 24%.

In 2010, Sean S. Fincher transitioned his role in the agency to service and provide insurance exclusively to business owners and commercial clients. Since 2016, the commercial department of the agency has grown 300 % with a dedicated team of 6 individuals.

The Sean S. Fincher Agency wants to build and maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients and has been very successful with providing each one with solutions to their insurance needs.

The manner in which the Sean S. Fincher Agency builds and maintains relationships is simple. Sean and his team are accessible. We follow-up “every time” and we do what we say when we say we will. In the agency, employee turnover is minimal, thus creating a bond between the agency and the insured.

Policy review and contact is ongoing in the Sean S. Fincher Agency as larger clients purchase, sell, and consolidate properties. We know the need for ongoing communication is essential. The hallmark of the service received from the Sean S. Fincher Agency is key to our success

As the markets change, the insurance broker/agency must find new companies to write with to help each individual client maximize risk management services available and reduce financial exposure. The size and success of Sean S. Fincher Insurance gives us access to the top insurance companies.  Because of the unique building, developing and insurance background, Sean S. Fincher and his associates understands how important change is and how quickly markets can switch from good to bad.

We bring solutions to our clients!